tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2009

Start Driving Now with Fith Gear . . .

FREE IDEA: Brand & Style - with Animoto!  The newest and coolest thing is That should be in Your high interest today! You can use it free to generate stylish look to Your start up company or to Your own face branding. Start now - start creating something unique - use animoto - it is a way to go higher level! 
"You Will Be Followed" - Hummingbird 2
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torstai 17. syyskuuta 2009

Ipadio is Entrepreneur´s sweetpot . . .

AUDIO IDEA: Make audio - publish it with Ipadio!  The is the newest innovation which You can benefit as much as You like. Very easy to use. The audios You can make by calling from Your mobile phone to the Ipadio site or You can make audios with Audacity software, which I downloaded from the internet.  Here are the results. Click the audio 1 bellow : ) it might interest You!

torstai 10. syyskuuta 2009

Dreams are Dreams until You nail them!

Veikka Gustafsson is a living proof of BHAG. . . In the world there is now just 17 human being who have reached all 14 of more than 8.000 meter high mountain. The Finnish mountain climber, entrepreneur Veikka Gustafsson is 17th man who have accomplish so called BHAG 10-to-30-years goal which took 17 years of his life. What makes this achievement particular higher and greater is the fact that this goal is achieved without any extra oxygen. With own spirit & force - the Finn Power. Veikka Gustafsson is Finnish and the Finns are known for their hard willpower.

Veikka Gustafsson have cut his BHAG goal to idea:  I will do one mountain at the time. That was the way he succeed to reach all these over 8.000 meter mountains in 17 years.

  1. Mount Everest (8 848 m), 1993
  2. Dhaulagiri (8 167 m),  1993
  3. K2 (8 611 m), 1994
  4. Lhotse (8 501 m), 1995
  5. Makalu (8 483 m), 1995
  6. Manaslu (8 163 m), 1999
  7. Shishapangma (8 046 m), 2001
  8. Nanga Parbat (8 125 m), 2001
  9. Cho Oyu (8 201 m), 22.4.2005.
  10. Annapurna (8 091 m), 12.5.2005
  11. Kanchenjunga (8 586 m), 14.5.2006
  12. Gasherbrum II (8 035 m), 8.7.2008
  13. Broad Peak (8 047 m), 31.7.2008
  14. Gasherbrum I (8 080 m) 26.7.2009

TIP: Put Your Dreams to the Paper . . .  The Dreams are Dreams until You start writing them to the paper. Then they become a Goal. And all Goals can be reached by cutting them to smaller peaces. Even the very long and big ones like BHAG´s are 10-to-30-years-goals.  
So when You start Your own business journey small or big one do please write it, audio it, video it or nail it to Your blog or social media then the journey really begins. Remember, only hard hard efforts are payouts – so start climbing – like Veikka Gustafsson did it – he is a living proof of Goal Getting even it is a big one.

maanantai 7. syyskuuta 2009

Only Innovations Bring You New Customers

IDEA: Get Customers with New Innovations. . . is the key element in coming to business with new company. Simply as that : ) - make unique innovation. Give benefits and other values to Your customers. The second great way is to buy an existing business with existing customers, but that is not the case in this article. Today we focus on new business with new ideas. As a starter watch this Robert Scoble video : )

Phat Billy Cheesestakes Restaurant in California have maid something very special. They have good innovation, focusing on marketing with and they really do something what their customers want and are willing to pay for. The Phat Billy restaurant leads us to the wide business highway: back to business principles and basics! Their strategy could not be better -  it is a very strong opening with cristal clear focus to benefit of the customer. The mouth to mouth is still strong weapon! it is : )

If You want read more about How To Make Rock Solid Stairway to Success in business do please come back to this Blog again. Guys - sorry about the language - I´m not native English speaker nor writer, but I´m trying : )

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