maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2009

Online Business - Never Been Easier! ----------------------------------> take a look!

WEBSITE IDEA: Make Your Website - publish it with XSitePro!  The XSitePro is absolutely awesome innovation which You can use to benefit your business as a viral entrepreneur. The price for this software is very low - only 197$ at the moment - and with this money You will get a truckload of side material to generate websites to Your online business. With this software You will make a fortune & success - no doubt - awesome payback waiting!  

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That is my pure recommendation . . .

tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2009

Start Driving Now with Fith Gear . . .

FREE IDEA: Brand & Style - with Animoto!  The newest and coolest thing is That should be in Your high interest today! You can use it free to generate stylish look to Your start up company or to Your own face branding. Start now - start creating something unique - use animoto - it is a way to go higher level! 
"You Will Be Followed" - Hummingbird 2
Best Regards, 
Markku Tauriainen : ) 
Finnish Entrepreneur 

torstai 17. syyskuuta 2009

Ipadio is Entrepreneur´s sweetpot . . .

AUDIO IDEA: Make audio - publish it with Ipadio!  The is the newest innovation which You can benefit as much as You like. Very easy to use. The audios You can make by calling from Your mobile phone to the Ipadio site or You can make audios with Audacity software, which I downloaded from the internet.  Here are the results. Click the audio 1 bellow : ) it might interest You!

torstai 10. syyskuuta 2009

Dreams are Dreams until You nail them!

Veikka Gustafsson is a living proof of BHAG. . . In the world there is now just 17 human being who have reached all 14 of more than 8.000 meter high mountain. The Finnish mountain climber, entrepreneur Veikka Gustafsson is 17th man who have accomplish so called BHAG 10-to-30-years goal which took 17 years of his life. What makes this achievement particular higher and greater is the fact that this goal is achieved without any extra oxygen. With own spirit & force - the Finn Power. Veikka Gustafsson is Finnish and the Finns are known for their hard willpower.

Veikka Gustafsson have cut his BHAG goal to idea:  I will do one mountain at the time. That was the way he succeed to reach all these over 8.000 meter mountains in 17 years.

  1. Mount Everest (8 848 m), 1993
  2. Dhaulagiri (8 167 m),  1993
  3. K2 (8 611 m), 1994
  4. Lhotse (8 501 m), 1995
  5. Makalu (8 483 m), 1995
  6. Manaslu (8 163 m), 1999
  7. Shishapangma (8 046 m), 2001
  8. Nanga Parbat (8 125 m), 2001
  9. Cho Oyu (8 201 m), 22.4.2005.
  10. Annapurna (8 091 m), 12.5.2005
  11. Kanchenjunga (8 586 m), 14.5.2006
  12. Gasherbrum II (8 035 m), 8.7.2008
  13. Broad Peak (8 047 m), 31.7.2008
  14. Gasherbrum I (8 080 m) 26.7.2009

TIP: Put Your Dreams to the Paper . . .  The Dreams are Dreams until You start writing them to the paper. Then they become a Goal. And all Goals can be reached by cutting them to smaller peaces. Even the very long and big ones like BHAG´s are 10-to-30-years-goals.  
So when You start Your own business journey small or big one do please write it, audio it, video it or nail it to Your blog or social media then the journey really begins. Remember, only hard hard efforts are payouts – so start climbing – like Veikka Gustafsson did it – he is a living proof of Goal Getting even it is a big one.

maanantai 7. syyskuuta 2009

Only Innovations Bring You New Customers

IDEA: Get Customers with New Innovations. . . is the key element in coming to business with new company. Simply as that : ) - make unique innovation. Give benefits and other values to Your customers. The second great way is to buy an existing business with existing customers, but that is not the case in this article. Today we focus on new business with new ideas. As a starter watch this Robert Scoble video : )

Phat Billy Cheesestakes Restaurant in California have maid something very special. They have good innovation, focusing on marketing with and they really do something what their customers want and are willing to pay for. The Phat Billy restaurant leads us to the wide business highway: back to business principles and basics! Their strategy could not be better -  it is a very strong opening with cristal clear focus to benefit of the customer. The mouth to mouth is still strong weapon! it is : )

If You want read more about How To Make Rock Solid Stairway to Success in business do please come back to this Blog again. Guys - sorry about the language - I´m not native English speaker nor writer, but I´m trying : )

With Best regards,

Markku Tauriainen
Finnish Entrepreneur

CEO & Founder of

lauantai 29. elokuuta 2009

Nokia Money innovation - mobile is phenomenon

IDEA: Use Nokia Money to Your online business . . . Yes - You can do it - in very near future and it will be a very good idea. You will have more customers when Mobile payments are opened. Your duty is to be main stream and offer these easy solutions. Be care full that You don´t miss this golden opportunity – this is real : ) like Oxyfress tooth paste was when I first saw it 1980´s when Randy Anderson from California introduced “Oxyfress mouth mint” to me in Finland. Since that Inc. Oxyfress have been on the market with success... and Oxyfress tooth paste is still a selling product. Not many MLM companies have survived more than one year.

What are the bullet proof ideas today? . . . The bullet proof business ideas and ways are to keep Your operations on the main stream only. There are 500 million people in socialmedias. They are Your existing customers. Please remember that today´s best business is to keep operations in 3 rock stars: sell only benefits and help people to buy – more easy your business is more people will buy from you. Keep Your selling message  simply and  uderstantable from customers point of view – the benefit had come out in 3 - 4 seconds. And show your price clearly and be sure that it is easy to pay – use Nokia Money system when it is launched. 

 Advise : b  Please, do not be boring marketer and tell to your customer that You have biggest, fastest, greatest product on the market and it will do this and that . . .  see Thomas Power video from "push" to "pull" at Your Business Channel, which is a great informative broadcaster. In every way avoid broadcasting and shouting as much as You can : )

Read more about Nokia Money payment tool at  NOKIA NEWS - UBERGIZMO NEWS - YAHOO NEWS

Best Regards,
Markku Tauriainen
Finnish Entrepreneur

The next articles at Markku Tauriainen Blog: . . . I will write about "multi-tenancy" ideas which are used in Apple and Skype products (applications). Then I will be posting some good, simple, easy, online business ideas as a start up examples to - especially for nubees & start up companies.

torstai 27. elokuuta 2009

Posted a comment to Donald Trump Blog

I have been reading Donald Trump Blog . . . about 2,5 years now. If You have something to say and You are willing to comment on Donald Trump Blog it will take a moment to have it published. They get serious amount of comments and they like to read them first before your comment is published on the Blog. One big minus is that when You get trough Your comment will be automatically on the bottom - it is hard to find and complicated to advertise to Your friends. Anyway I have managed to get my comments to the Blog even I´m a Finnish Entrepreneur and my written language is bad. I´m sorry : ) that I´m not a native English speaking person -spirit I have!

What I commented was Donald Trump´s writing: Moving Your Ideas That subject is very close to me and Finnish people, because our 1973 born philosopher Pekka Himanen have been broadcasting subject quite often in Finnish medias. The peak performance is that, when You have an innovative idea, you need to have "standby" business plan or at least a commercial solution how to sell it. Otherwise it is no idea at all. Many good innovation will not fly, if You don´t have a marketing plan for it. You need to ask people & customers idea are they willing to buy it or not? And like Donald Trump says: Do only what Your customers want and what they are willing to pay for. These are golden words, if You go deeper on mind and ask from Yourself daily that: am I doing, inventing something what my customers are waiting for? Or sample am I writing this blog to my self or is it something my readers are willing to read and pay for?

Please, if You have any comment or ideas about my writing, I will be happy to get Your responce by e-mail or like a comment to this blog. And would You do it now, because I start writing seriously daily, weekly and so on.

I am interested to hear what You like to know about to do business generally, is the sales techniques you need to improve or is it right approach, coaching or . . .
What do You need in sales?
What is Your success story?

Best Regards,
Markku Tauriainen
Finnish Entrepreneur

P.S. This was my nr 1 blog text ever published in english : ) - so I maid history : b which is worth one bottle of good red wine - later. By the way I have many good stories which I can tell later in this blog. You really can´t meet 50 000 people not having fun and unique experiences : )

perjantai 21. elokuuta 2009

Uusi idea500 blogi avattu


Nimeni on Markku Tauriainen. Asun Kellossa, 15 km Oulusta pohjoiseen päin. Myyntikokemukseni on 30 vuotta.

Alan pitämään blogia. Kirjoitan myyntiin liittyvistä asioista. Tavoitteenani on jakaa myyntiin liittyviä kokemuksia, taitoja ja tarinoita. Yleensä hyvät ja huonot kokemukset ja kommellukset kiinnostavat ihmisiä eniten, joten heitämpä tässä yhden klassikon heti pöytää. Legendasta nimeltä Sokoksen naismyyjä on helppo kuvailla. Laihahko, vaaleahiuksinen naismyyjä seisoo kemikaalion myyntitiskin ulkopuolella ja pitää käsiään sormista kiinni kauppaedustajien sanonnan mukaan häpykummunsa päällä. Kun asiakas tulee nk. iskuetäisyydelle myyjä kysyy: "Voinko auttaa"? Amerikassa tehdyn tutkimuksen mukaan yli 69% ihmisistä vastaa tähän että et. 95% varmuudella vastaus on ei suuntaan eli ei toivottuun suuntaan. Miksi hän sitten kysyy näin? Onko opetettu näin? En tiedä, mutta tämä on legendojen legenda väärästä toimintamallista.

Oikea toimintamalli = Vaihtoehtoinen kysymyksen asettelu lennosta, rennosti ohi kulkiessa pysähtyen. "Hei, oletko tullut katsomaan housuja, paitaa tai oletko muuten vaan katselemassa jotain kivaa itsellesi?" Tähän kysymykseen samoilla prosenteilla asiakas vastaa jotain, josta myyjä pääsee eteenpäin. Löytyykö Suomesta vielä Sokos legendoja - kyllä löytyy aika monesta liikkeestä.