maanantai 13. joulukuuta 2010

INSPIRE ME in English is ready!

After 30 years sales... work, I have the honour to announce that the INSPIRE ME in English is published. The book is great!

You can download eBOOK in special price at ANGELO BOOKS before Xmas. The Price is 3 euro, only.

It took almost two years to find the right words for the most enjoyable reading experience. Now I am very sure that you will like the text. I have got good reader feedback from Finland.

 Professor of Entrepreneurship Arto Lahti: "Markku, Your book is really excellent for each of us. The most opponents we have are in our own imagination, which drains our power - that is what this book is all about. Win yourself, you will win as a salesman. Everyone who is in business should absolutely read this book!"

INSPIRE ME in English eBOOK is ready!

INSPIRE ME -book is excellent mind tool, which is written by Finnish Author Markku Tauriainen 

David Millner I have read the book. It will really focus the mind on the difference between being successful or not, both in sales, and in dealing with people. You are the difference. What you say and do makes the difference. The book shows how to polish your "diamond".

INSPIRE ME paperback price is 19,95 € + shipping coast.  
For eBOOK readers, there is a special, hidden discount CODE in the eBOOK. So, if you read carefully you can spot it and buy later the original paperback copy from the same web shop with my original numbered signature. The book is very good!