tiistai 30. marraskuuta 2010

Finland is the World´s First Country in Mobile Identification

Finland has today... introduced the identification in a mobile phone. Mobile Certificate is a mobile phone SIM card attached to the service, which serves as an electronic identification.

Communications Minister Suvi Linden highlights that Finland is the first country in the world strong electronic identification system. Linden hopes that the introduction of mobile certificate to rise as an important landmark as the first GSM phone call was in due course.

Interest in the identification using the services among service providers seems to be great. I believe that the ease of use of services via mobile certificate to quickly find the end-users, ie citizens and businesses. Mobile Password will certainly pay a variety of password pairs. Linden believes that the key government services available electronically by 2013.

Operator DNA, Elisa and Sonera will begin to offer mobile security progressive consumers and service providers. The service requires a new sim card. Operators DNA, Elisa, will bring the cards available to consumers this year, and corporate Sonera also shortly. Guardian's permission to a minor receive mobile certificate.

The whole article published in Finnish at ILTALEHTI

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