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From INSPIRE ME - book page 217...  
About The Author Markku Tauriainen was born in Finland, and has become one of the first Self-Made Publishing Author Entrepreneurs to conquer the world´s thoughts. He writes with fresh, easily comprehensible manner, about the doctrines of selling and of life, based on his personal experiences over 30 years. Markku is running marathons for a reason to keep his writing full of enthusiasm and professionalism. He has travelled to 41 countries, demonstrating his successful sales skills, which are still his greatest passion.
INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself, and Bank the Results written by Markku Tauriainen, from page 217

What distinguishes a loser from an achiever? 

I have read several success stories. I have also compared and rated successful people and read about their achievements. What is my conclusion? What distinguishes a real achiever? 

    Abraham Lincoln is one of the best examples of a genuine failure and of a big achiever, who won himself and everyone else after all. 1831 Abraham founded a company, which did not succeed. After that one failed he established a new one, which also ended in a bankruptcy. 

   In 1838, 1840 and 1843 he applied for United States congress without succeeding. He finally succeeded on in 1846 at last but was released out already after two years. 

   Next time he applied for Senate in 1855 without success and for a vicepresident already in following year. But he was a man, who never gave up. Finally he won and became the 16 th president of the United States. 

  Everyone faces difficulties in their lives. Achievers have learned to deal with difficulties, to live with them, and eventually to walk over them with creative solutions. They simply do not give in. A loser turns on his heels, walks away and looks for a new job. He blames the job, the products, indeed anything but himself. He expects the next job to be easier and the new grass to be greener. You cannot run from yourself, not even in a new job. 

   Eventually you make the desicion, are you... 


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